About Us

Hi, I’m Judith, the dog trainer of My EPIC Dog – Human and Dog Training. I truly care for you and your situation because I know what it’s like. I have been in similar circumstances with my first dogs – chasing, not listening with distractions, running towards other dogs and people, jumping, aggression and fear. And I know how much of a difference and pleasure it is to have a dog that follows you along easily.

I have seen so many owners struggle with their dog’s behavior and so many dogs being misunderstood, so I wanted to help both – the dogs AND the owners. And that is why I decided to become a dog trainer in Fort Worth – to help you and your dog!

My goal is to free you and your dog from the stress that his bad behavior is causing by solving the problems you are dealing with and by creating an amazing companion dog no matter if puppy or adult.

I would love for you to live happily with your pup without any worries so that you can enjoy him all the time instead of just sometimes. Our training can get you there! Just contact us and we are happy to discuss your options.

Human & Dog Training

Our services combine dog behavior training and dog obedience training in a way that makes it fun for you and your dog.